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Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Sorry for the absence folks but my health has dictated my abilities lately, I hope to recover soon and start regular posts again.


Wednesday, 6 November 2013

A small group of poppies

A small group of poppies

I tend to a small group of poppies; they come to blossom each year
To some I suppose their just a flower, to me something I hold dear
Five I have in my garden, each one has a memory and a name
One for every man I have lost, each one a soldier who earned his claim

Two I lost in the province, they stood by me and fought to their death
I saw each one go down that day, witnessed the courage as they took their last breath
Three you may think very different; each one of them has taken their own lives
If they had not carried out their duties, they would still be with their wives

Every year the poppies still bloom, telling me they still watch my back
No different from when we served, covering each other from attack
Now their spirits are watching, this is a squad that cannot be broken up
As the Cherokee blood brothers, those who sipped from the blood cup

In time another poppy will grow, you may want to give it a name
Should you decide to give it mine, be assured I won’t feel ashamed
I will one day join my brothers; they wait for that day together again

A promise given to each other, in life as in death with no shame

Friday, 25 October 2013

In Unity

In Unity

 Hold my hand as the sky holds a cloud, never sure where it goes
Within my hand I hold a love; destiny states its future no one knows
So I shall fight for the survival, the love I hold is too precious to lose
I pledge to defend our love above all; this is no emotion just to amuse

Stand beside me in our unity, a strength we make from love made true
Nothing will put this emotion under, the love shared from me and you
As knights would fight for honour, this I will honour with my life
I love you now and forever, my life and my soul belong to my wife

‘the union of love has an immeasurable strength’

Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Lay My Grave Here

Lay My Grave Here

Take me down to the old house orchard, there love I first found
By the old chestnut tree near the knoll, there I had my first kiss
Where the fruit grows ripe and blossom bloom’s so white
The sounds of the birds singing and the sweet smell I so miss

Look for the old apple tree third row along, four down the row
There is the place I pledged my love, my Mary I know I will miss
There lay me down, make my grave, place me in the ground
There I will wait for my sweet Mary, the one who gave me my first kiss

Place by the tree where you place me, carved on a board of oak
These words I say in this way, carefully write the words I spoke
“I wait here Mary for you to forgive; you never wanted me to enlist”
“But know this my love, I never forgot our love, you are all I have missed”
“If forgiveness you can find in your heart my love, here I wait for eternity”

“Live well your life, become someone’s wife, but know my loves sincerity”

I Wish

I Wish

My heart waits for a moment
A moment to spend with you
A small space of time
When you could be mine
If only my heart speaks true

My mind longs for a meeting
A meeting to share with your mind
A second of communication
A thought I can send
A thought for us to share

My courage fails me badly
My confidence torn aside
I first spoke with pride
But only to hide

I am not good enough for you

Just a Nonsense

If Google is a giggle
Are Windows just for wimps?
What about Adobe
Just a mixed up house
Then you got Firefox,
Bloody brilliant film
Is Acrobat up in the air
An Apple a day
Bing’s a bloody crooner
Bonjour the French way
So much for compatibility
Chrome is on the car
Here is Hewlett Packard
Will Norton take you far?
Skype with some others
Yahoo it came out right
As for bloody computing

That’s it!  I’m off goodnight

Sunday, 1 September 2013

A Soldier’s Regret

A Soldier’s Regret

When a soldier sits with time to spare when war is in his past
what thoughts run through his damaged mind” please let it be the last”
If all he believed and his only faith is torn from the pit of his soul
What has that soldier got left and what will fill that gaping hole

No man can survive with the horrors for without a belief of some kind
Belief in a god or some deity but most of all a strong belief of himself in his mind
This soldier will fight his battles again and certainly more than just one time
There must be one thing in which he believes which anchors him this side of the line

Perhaps his belief will be much as mine in a woman he loves without regret
Someone who knows they can’t understand but is there no matter how bad it gets
Such people are rare and such love and care is never an easy thing to find
Love is the start with strength of the heart but also great strength of mind

With all of these things standing by his side the soldier can find a peace
As long as it is all held together through all and none of these should cease
Then wish the soldier a life that will be as good as he could hope to get

For he will never completely have a life like you he carries too much regret