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Friday, 20 June 2014

Where it all began !!!
Walk With Me

Walk with me within my mind, the fragrance from natures sweet blooms
Listen to the sonnet being gaily sang, sang by the bird in the tree as it grooms
A beautiful sunset burst before our eyes, a sky lit with fire an orange blaze
We walk within my mind my sweet; we share the beauty at the end of this day

Talk with me within my mind, talk of memories made before this time
Remembering the magical moment, in my arms you said you were mine
Tears you brought to my face that day, with happiness and laughter too
Knowing my life was now complete, sure that I would always have you

Now I must walk alone my dear, where I go you may not follow
Know my thoughts are still of you, I will dream again if I am here tomorrow
A whistle has blown down the trench, over the top just one more time
I go safe in the knowledge my love, I know your love will always be mine

‘the soldier carries his love wherever he may go’
My love to rest

When I lay my love to rest, her body no longer her host
What do I do with the feelings, all I feel for her I loved most?
A grave has been prepared, the coffin has been lowered
The physical remains of her, respectfully interred

Now I am left with emotions, enough that both of us live on
I can’t bury those along with her shell, which would see her all gone
I will carry her love along with mine, companion throughout life
The spirit and the soul of her, I will carry all that was my wife

‘we carry lost loves with us always’

Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Sorry for the absence folks but my health has dictated my abilities lately, I hope to recover soon and start regular posts again.


Wednesday, 6 November 2013

A small group of poppies

A small group of poppies

I tend to a small group of poppies; they come to blossom each year
To some I suppose their just a flower, to me something I hold dear
Five I have in my garden, each one has a memory and a name
One for every man I have lost, each one a soldier who earned his claim

Two I lost in the province, they stood by me and fought to their death
I saw each one go down that day, witnessed the courage as they took their last breath
Three you may think very different; each one of them has taken their own lives
If they had not carried out their duties, they would still be with their wives

Every year the poppies still bloom, telling me they still watch my back
No different from when we served, covering each other from attack
Now their spirits are watching, this is a squad that cannot be broken up
As the Cherokee blood brothers, those who sipped from the blood cup

In time another poppy will grow, you may want to give it a name
Should you decide to give it mine, be assured I won’t feel ashamed
I will one day join my brothers; they wait for that day together again

A promise given to each other, in life as in death with no shame

Friday, 25 October 2013

In Unity

In Unity

 Hold my hand as the sky holds a cloud, never sure where it goes
Within my hand I hold a love; destiny states its future no one knows
So I shall fight for the survival, the love I hold is too precious to lose
I pledge to defend our love above all; this is no emotion just to amuse

Stand beside me in our unity, a strength we make from love made true
Nothing will put this emotion under, the love shared from me and you
As knights would fight for honour, this I will honour with my life
I love you now and forever, my life and my soul belong to my wife

‘the union of love has an immeasurable strength’

Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Lay My Grave Here

Lay My Grave Here

Take me down to the old house orchard, there love I first found
By the old chestnut tree near the knoll, there I had my first kiss
Where the fruit grows ripe and blossom bloom’s so white
The sounds of the birds singing and the sweet smell I so miss

Look for the old apple tree third row along, four down the row
There is the place I pledged my love, my Mary I know I will miss
There lay me down, make my grave, place me in the ground
There I will wait for my sweet Mary, the one who gave me my first kiss

Place by the tree where you place me, carved on a board of oak
These words I say in this way, carefully write the words I spoke
“I wait here Mary for you to forgive; you never wanted me to enlist”
“But know this my love, I never forgot our love, you are all I have missed”
“If forgiveness you can find in your heart my love, here I wait for eternity”

“Live well your life, become someone’s wife, but know my loves sincerity”